Drain Line Repair

Drain Line in Seattle, WA, and Nearby Areas

Your home’s main drain and sewer lines play a pivotal role in your daily life. From removing waste products to helping you do daily tasks such as cooking and laundry, these items need to be in tip-top shape at all times. That’s where Clearline Sewer Repair comes in. We provide expert sewer & drain line repair & replacement services for all our residential clients.

Open Trench Sewer Repair or Replacement

Deleted: Depending on the severity of the sewer line damage and where it is located, excavation may be the only effective solution for repairs. If a sewer line has a bad break, extensive erosion, severe offsets, significant bellies or a completely collapsed line you may need an open trench sewer repair or replacement. Our experienced crews will excavate and expose the pipe, replace the damaged sections, lay in new pipe, backfill trench, and restore the landscape or pavement.

Our trenchless contractor has years of experience ensuring that our clients have fast response times, quality service, and reliable results that won’t break the bank. When you see a problem with your sewer main, make sure you call in the pros.

Sewer Camera Inspections

Whenever you notice a problem, your certified plumbing technician will come out with the latest equipment to diagnose and repair the situation at hand. With our sewer camera technology, we can get an inside look at the sewer main lines to pinpoint where the problem lies. This also allows us to check the material used to lay the original lines and provide a resolution quickly.

Repair or Replacement

A pipe repair will get you back up and running quickly in some instances. In others, a replacement is necessary. The factors we look at to indicate a replacement include the age of the lines, material type, and wear and tear. If a simple repair will give you long-term results, that’s what your technician will recommend. We strive to give you the best results possible for the future.

Give us a call today at 206-637-0965 to learn more about our sewer main line repair & replacement service, or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. We look forward to assisting you with this and all your plumbing needs.