Know When it’s Time to Replace Your Sewer Line With These Signs

Know When it’s Time to Replace Your Sewer Line With These Signs

Damaged sewer pipe replacement Everett, WA

There will come a time when you need more than a sewer repair in Everett, WA. Sewer lines can become too damaged or too old to provide their service. You risk operating on a malfunctioning sewer system and it will give you clear signs when it’s time.

When this inevitability comes, you have no choice but to get a proper sewer line replacement. In that case, you still have options apart from the traditional methods.

Here are the main signs you’ll need a sewer line replacement right away.

Wet Spots on Landscaping

Failing sewer lines will leak out wastewater on your lawns and yards. You will notice muddy spots on your landscaping. It will sometimes have excess grass outgrowth from the wastewater nutrients. This is a clear sign of major leakages in the sewer lines.

Stinking Wastewater Smells

Bad odors in your sewer area may mean an immediate need for sewer repair services. It means that wastewater can no longer flow down your sewer or septic tank. Thus, wastewater either stands still for too long or leaks out into your surroundings. Apart from its bad smell is the risk of spreading harmful bacteria around your property.

Access for Pests

Damaged sewers will soon have big enough cracks and holes to allow pests to enter your sewer systems. They may soon have access to your property and even your home. You have to replace sewer line parts right away to seal the system shut.

Recurring Clogs

Recurring clogs are a sure sign you need sewer pipe line repair and fast. It’s time when normal repairs or clogging solutions no longer work and clogs keep coming back. It means that the sewer system is now beyond repair and the only course of action is a full replacement.

Watch out for these major signs of total sewer system failure. When you observe them, get help from your local trusted plumbing company right away. Good thing you have the experts from Clearline Sewer Repair by your side. Call us today and don’t delay.