Root Cutting Could Be Essential to the Health of Your Home’s Plumbing System!

Root Cutting Could Be Essential to the Health of Your Home’s Plumbing System!

Not many homeowners know the dangers that trees can have on home plumbing systems from underneath the ground. Tree roots are persistent and stronger than you think, and the tiniest cracks in your home’s plumbing pipes could invite a root to grow…and grow…and grow, until you have clogged drains, leaky pipes, and maybe a big cause for replacements. Before it can become a huge issue, schedule root cutting pipe repair service – courtesy of Clearline Sewer Repair.

We at Clearline Sewer Repair are well-equipped to handle your plumbing issues, inclusive of runaway roots from the trees you love that surround your property. Who knew that something so beautiful and natural could wreak havoc on your property?

The Truth About Tree Roots

Tree roots are sneaky. And your home’s plumbing system is perfect growing conditions because roots can gather water and nutrients from waste that flows from your bathroom and kitchen. There aren’t many signs to let you know that you need root cutting services, but some signs may include:

  • Foul odors rising from drains inside or outside of the home.
  • Unexplained clogs or backed up drains with slow or low drainage.
  • Unexplained wet spots or standing water in your yards.
  • Bright green and random growths of grass around your property.

Typically, when you notice signs from root infestation, it has gotten to the point where the roots are growing and causing leaks in your pipes. Most of the time, leaks are easy fixes, but those roots have to first be cut and pulled to prevent further growth.

Discovering problems with your home’s plumbing system begins and ends with inspections. For more information about root cutting pipe repair service, call Clearline Sewer Repair at 206-637-0965. You can schedule an appointment that meshes well with your routine!