External And Internal Elements That Can Damage Your Sewer

External And Internal Elements That Can Damage Your Sewer

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Sewer repair in Seattle, WA is often the result of different factors and situations. They are from internal and external sources of damage. Understanding them can help homeowners take proactive measures to prevent costly repairs and extend the lifespan of their pipes.

Causes of Sewer Damage, Inside and Out

Tree roots are a common external element and cause for sewer repair. As trees grow, their roots infiltrate and penetrate sewer lines in search of moisture and nutrients. They can cause cracks, blockages, and even complete collapses in the sewer line, leading to backups and sewage leaks.

Shifting soil or ground movement can damage your sewer system. Earthquakes, soil erosion, and ground settling can all put pressure on sewer lines, causing them to shift, crack, or collapse. Some areas are more prone to seismic activity or soil instability. You may need to adjust the soil and surrounding conditions.

The external impact from construction and home activities can damage sewer pipes and cause leaks and water damage. They can lead to complete sewer line replacement. It’s essential to monitor your sewer lines and make the necessary adjustments to keep different sources of impact away.

Internal Sewer Issues

On the internal side, grease and fat buildup is a common culprit behind sewer line issues. When poured down drains, grease, and fat can solidify and accumulate inside sewer lines. They become blockages and cause reduced flow capacity. They cause backups and sewage overflows. Dispose of grease and fat into the garbage at all times.

Flushing non-biodegradable items down the toilet can also cause damage to your sewer system. Items like baby wipes, paper towels, and feminine hygiene products can accumulate and cause blockages in sewer lines. Only flush human waste down the toilet.

Mineral deposit buildup is another issue for homes with hard water. It can be difficult to observe this without pipe inspection. Mineral deposits accumulate and form blockages, or damage the pipes and develop corrosion.

Call Clearline Sewer Repair for sewer repairs and replacements. We can also do proactive drain cleaning to keep away internal causes of sewer damage. Do your part and we’ll do the rest to maintain error-free sewer operations.