Know Who To Call For Sewer Pipe Repair

Know Who To Call For Sewer Pipe Repair

An intact sewer or water pipe is essential if you want your home to be clean and comfortable. Knowing about the causes of sewer pipe issues and who to call for sewer pipe repair is imperative. Clearline Sewer Repair is here to assist with your piping needs!

Backups or leaks from your sewer pipe are frustrating and stressful for any homeowner. There are unpleasant smells, and messy cleanup is involved in addressing the compromised line. Without professionals on the job, it is nearly impossible to pinpoint the exact cause of the sewage issue.

To prevent damage to the sewer line or adequately mitigate the issue once it happens, you need to understand and know the causes of sewer pipe damage.

Common Causes of Damage

  • Corroded Piping – While some piping made of cast iron and steel is galvanized to help prevent rust development, they can be at high risk of issues because of magnesium and calcium buildup. Should corrosion be left untreated, your piping could be susceptible to cracks and leaks.
  • Tree Roots – A common cause of damage to sewer pipes will be tree root infiltration. Roots of trees and large shrubbery look for water sources as they grow. Any sewer line with a loose joint or a hairline fracture can attract the roots looking for nutrients. If this happens, the roots begin creeping into the pipe, leading to a blockage or total break.
  • Extreme Temperatures or Ground Shifting – With extreme drops in temperature, pipes can freeze and burst due to expansion. There could also be landscaping work done on the property or regular changes in the soil that cause the ground to shift and lead to piping damage.

Clearline Sewer Repair is available for sewer pipe repair. Call our team at 206-637-0965 for an appointment.