Sewer Pipe Repair Made Easy

Sewer Pipe Repair Made Easy

There is no denying that sewer pipe repair can be costly but also highly important. It’s common for some plumbers to take shortcuts and make minor repairs to save money and time. On the contrary, the team at Clearline Sewer Repair carries very high standards to ensure every sewer pipe repair is appropriately done.

Causes & Signs of Damaged Sewer Lines

Think of sewer pipes as the arteries that run through our bodies and keep us up and running 24/7. So whenever something goes wrong, it’s best left to the professionals. 

Common causes for sewer line damage are:

  • Out-of-control tree roots that are in search of water. Once in contact with pipes, they wrap around, creating immense pressure that eventually cracks the line.
  • Corroded pipes result from calcium and magnesium build-up from regular wear and tear. If left untreated, it leaves the pipe vulnerable to cracks and leaks. 
  • Extreme temperatures, like cold weather, can freeze pipes and, as a result, burst due to expanding ice. Scorching heat can also lead to pipes bursting. 

Some tell-tell signs of a damaged line are: 

  • Flooded or foul-smelling yard results in water pooling that eventually seeps through dirt and grass, creating an unbearable smell.
  • There are draining difficulties in multiple areas of the house. Toilets are a big red flag so look out for gurgling noises as the air gets pushed back up the line.
  • Water damage in the home is another warning. Mold spreading on the floors and walls is a massive sign that you should call a plumber immediately.

Simple Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

If your sewer line springs a leak or breaks and needs repairing, you have two options: Dig a trench around the sewer pipe or use trenchless sewer line repairs. Whichever method you decide on, the professionals at Clearline Sewer Repair will be in and out in no time. 

Our services stand out from the rest, and with our time and cost-effective methods, you can rest assured the problem will be taken care of. Join the hundreds of other satisfied customers who had sewer pipe repairs. Give Clearline Sewer Repair a call today at 206-637-0965!