Common Causes of Sewer Line Issues

Common Causes of Sewer Line Issues

Damaged sewer line

Sewer repair in Everett, WA can stem from different causes. Often, you’ll see the signs and symptoms first before knowing the source of the problem. The challenge of maintaining sewer lines is their location and inaccessibility.

It’s important to be aware of the common issues that affect your sewer lines. This helps you to be more proactive with sewer repair services.

Clogged Pipes

Most clogged pipes are the result of neglect and misuse. If you continue to dump oil, food scraps, and other particles down the kitchen sink, they will happen.

The same clogging issues will happen with bathroom drains. Use filters to prevent hair, soap scum, and particles away from the drains and sinks.

But there could be other more serious issues when drain cleaning doesn’t work anymore. You may be due for a sewer pipe line repair. Unseen damage in the sewer lines could be the culprit. A sewer pipe inspection can help detect issues in your sewer lines.

Root Infestation

Since it’s difficult to see the condition of your sewer lines, you may not see the damage inside. Tree root invasion is a main issue when trees in your sewer area branch out to sewer lines as a water source. You will often need a sewer line replacement when the roots have damaged your sewer.

Old Sewer Systems

Many older sewer systems use clay and metal pipes. They corrode over time and cause irreparable damage. You need to upgrade or replace sewer line parts to prevent wastewater leaks. They will cause damage to your lawns and surrounding premises.

It is difficult to pinpoint many sewer issues because we cannot see how they happen or develop. But knowing their causes will help us with regular maintenance and proactive steps. Do your best to do sewer maintenance and inspections before things get out of control.

Clearline Sewer Repair will help you with sewer maintenance, inspection, repairs, and replacement. Time is of the essence here, so be quick and call us today for any sewer-related issues!