When is Trenchless Sewer Repair the Ideal Solution?

When is Trenchless Sewer Repair the Ideal Solution?

Trenchless technician repairing pipe Seattle, WA

There are two ways to do sewer repairs. First is the traditional method that involves extensive digging and sewer line removal. The second is trenchless sewer repair in Seattle, WA. More and more, many property owners are going trenchless as it has more clear advantages. Today, we look into why trenchless methods have become the preferred method.

When There is Expensive Landscaping

One of the biggest advantages of trenchless pipe lining is the no dig approach. For those with beautiful lawns, gardens, and front yards, this is a blessing. You no longer need to destroy the landscaping when there’s a need for sewer repair.

Trenchless pipe replacement or repairs only need a single access point. From there, technicians install an inflatable pipe lining device filled with resin. It creates an inner pipe layer that incorporates into the existing pipe. If they need to do a replacement, they use pipe bursting to destroy the old damaged pipe.

When You Have Time Constraints

Trenchless pipe repair is much faster than traditional methods. With digging and pipe removal no longer needed, the technicians focus only on the damaged parts. The resin cures inside within a day, saving property owners a lot of time.

When You Need a Cost-Effective Solution

Since the tedious process of digging and pipe removal is no longer involved, you save on labor and material costs. You only need the pipe lining process to repair the damage. Not only do you save time, but also big costs. The no dig pipe repair method is your best option.

A new pipe lining will last up to 50 years. This makes it more cost-effective on top of its major conveniences. This also applies to trenchless sewer replacement.

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