Year-Long Benefits of Regular Drain Cleaning

Year-Long Benefits of Regular Drain Cleaning

Water freely flowing down the drain

Your drains at home need some regular maintenance to avoid clogging and backups. We often forget or neglect to do so until the problem shows up one day and we have to deal with it. Drain cleaning in Seattle, WA should be a regular activity.

Taking care of your drains is a simple and effective maintenance practice. You can avoid these nasty plumbing issues and health risks from a clogged drain.

May Prevent Water Damage

Regular drain cleaning keeps your plumbing clear of any developing clogs. When clogs worsen, they will cause backups that stall wastewater. This can cause water damage wherever a drain is, from outdoor lawns to indoor areas.

Extreme clogs and blockages will also lead to pipe damage. The excess pressure created by water trying to go through the clogged area will cause leaks. This will also result in even bigger water damage. Avoid these issues by getting hydro jetting services to keep pipes cleared out.

Reduce the Risk of Mold

Water damage and excess moisture from backups can develop mold. Many homeowners have mold allergies and this becomes a serious health risk. It will also damage your surrounding property and soil areas, aside from mold growth.

When there are recurring stubborn clogs in your pipes, best to have it checked with a pipe inspection. See what the root cause is. You may also need to get drain snaking services to remove the persistent cause out of your plumbing.

Prevent Odor Problems in Your Home

The sudden presence of odors from your plumbing or sewer means stalled wastewater. Unresolved clogs keep wastewater from flushing down the sewer. These odors are not only unpleasant but can also pose health risks from lingering bacteria. It’s time to call for drain cleaning services right away.

Don’t wait until clogs become a major problem at home. Do your periodic drain cleaning to keep these issues at bay. Clearline Sewer Repair is your local trusted drain cleaning company. Call us today!