Is Drain Cleaning a DIY Procedure?

Is Drain Cleaning a DIY Procedure?

Clogged drain cleaning Monroe, WA

Are DIY methods applicable to drain cleaning in Monroe, WA? For minor issues such as slow drains, they are. There are simple and effective ways such as using a plunger or a hot water flush.

But there are also more serious and persistent plumbing issues. No matter the effort, they still show up the next day. You need professional services for issues that are more than a simple clogged drain.

Recurring Clogs

Clogging that doesn’t go away may be a sign of something more serious. No matter what remedies you try, the blockage keeps coming back. And the problem with plumbing is you cannot see the actual issue.

For serious plumbing issues, you need professional drain cleaning services. It includes pipe camera inspections to show what exactly is causing the problem. You also need the right tools and methods for effective blockage removal.

Lack of Professional-Grade Tools

DIY drain cleaning is very minimal in its effectiveness. You need the right methods and tools to clear out a stubborn blockage. Even if you have somewhat effective tools, you might not use them right. You can end up damaging your plumbing.

Professional drain cleaners use effective ways such as drain snaking. You have to use the right tools and methods to clear the problem. Or else you are wasting time and effort with a problem that keeps coming back.

Exposure to Chemicals

Many homeowners have used commercial drain cleaners for stubborn pipe clogs. They are somewhat effective, but they carry serious risks. Chemical cleaners can corrode and damage your pipes. Plus, their fumes and residue are toxic. You risk contaminating your septic tank and sewers too.

There are safer and more effective ways to clear clogs without toxic chemicals. One is hydro jetting which uses powerful pressurized water. You risk damaging your plumbing with the wrong clearing methods and uninformed work. It’s not worth the risks.

For serious plumbing problems, why not leave it to the professionals? Save yourselves from stress and complications. Clearline Sewer Repair is the local sewer expert at your service. Contact us today.