Is Drain Cleaning a DIY Procedure?

Is Drain Cleaning a DIY Procedure?

Clogged drain cleaning Monroe, WA

When it comes to drain cleaning, many homeowners are tempted to go the DIY route. But although cleaning drains may seem like a simple task, the fact is that it needs the expert attention of a seasoned plumber. Drain clogs may be indicative of complex plumbing issues. Without experience, attempting to clean your drains could result in an untidiness much worse than the original problem.

As the go-to company for drain cleaning in Monroe, WA, we highly discourage DIY solutions for various reasons. Below are the top risks of trying DIY drain cleaning.

Recurring Clogs

There is always the possibility of recurring clogs when attempting DIY drain cleaning. When dealing with a clogged drain, you need to go beyond clearing away debris. You also need to address any underlying issue there may be. If the clog is not appropriately addressed, you can expect it to be a recurring problem.

Lack of Professional-Grade Tools

One of the main reasons why DIY drain cleaning is not recommended is the lack of professional-grade tools. Drain snaking, for example, involves using a long flexible cable with an auger bit at one end to reach into tight spaces within pipes and remove any debris. If used haphazardly, it can damage the interior lining of your pipe lines.

Exposure to Chemicals

Another risk of DIY drain cleaning is unnecessary exposure to harmful chemicals. Oftentimes, the first option for DIYers is store-bought drain cleaners. Aside from being ineffective, these chemicals are toxic and can be harmful to your health. This is why we recommend other options such as hydro jetting because they are much more effective and not nearly as risky.

Lack of Experience

Attempting DIY drain cleaning without enough knowledge and experience can cause more harm than good. Remember that availing of drain cleaning services means getting the issue properly diagnosed and fixed as opposed to the guesswork that DIY handiwork often entails.

Instead of going the DIY route, look for a reputable drain cleaning company to handle your plumbing woes. Clearline Sewer Repair, you’re sure to get dependable plumbing services at rates within your reach. Contact us today to set up an appointment!