Foolproof Ways to Protect Your Sewer Lines From Tree Roots

Foolproof Ways to Protect Your Sewer Lines From Tree Roots

Tree root intrusion pipe Everett, WA

One of the most common causes of wastewater pipe line repair is tree roots. As trees mature, their roots can invade your sewer lines, resulting in obstructions, leakage, or even complete sewer line failure.

Clearline Sewer Repair recognizes the significance of sewer line maintenance. As a leading provider of sewer repair in Everett, WA, we’d like to share some foolproof methods for protecting your sewer lines from tree root intrusion.

Install a Root Barrier

A root barrier is a physical barrier that can be built around your sewage lines to prevent tree roots from growing toward them. This is a very helpful alternative for older homes that already have established trees in the yard.

Schedule Regular Sewer Lines Maintenance

Periodic inspection of your sewer lines can aid in identifying potential issues before they escalate. Schedule a regular inspection and cleaning of your sewer line with a professional sewer pipe line repair service provider.

Choose the Right Trees for Your Yard

Some varieties of trees have root systems that are more invasive than others. Before planting trees in your yard, conduct research to identify species with non-intrusive root systems. For instance, there are dogwood, crabapple, and cherry trees. Otherwise, you may find yourself calling for sewer repair services sooner rather than later.

By following these guidelines, you can protect your sewer lines from tree roots and avoid costly sewer repairs. If you suspect that tree roots have damaged your sewer lines, contact us today at Clearline Sewer Repair!